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Buy energy bars shouldn't be hard, there are many kinds to choose from online and in shops. Choosing the right taste is almost as important as producing the bar with the right amount of nutrition. Do you research, some energy bars are worse for you than certain sweets!

People tend to get hungry around 11am, which is the perfect time for a mid-morning snack. This eating time is called elevenses. Most people often grab a chocolate bar or a bag of sweets or even a tin of biscuits to keep themselves full until lunchtime. That is the worst thing you can do because it is loaded with unnecessary sugars, calories, fats and oils. Your body's metabolism is the fastest at this point in the day and quickly absorbs anything it takes in. An energy bar should provide you with a sufficient boost to power you through till lunch.

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For the best place to buy energy bars, have a look at our online store. Here at Pretty Smart Food we have created the perfect range of organic raw superfood bars enriched with cacao and matcha green tea. We have both Goji and Almond flavours, each packed with antioxidants and a delightful mix of flavours to make you happy.

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