Best Organic Energy Bars

Best organic energy bars are available online but careful research can help you find the best ones. To enjoy the full benefits of organic energy, it is important to make a note of the list of ingredients and nutritional benefits to ensure you are consuming the best mix in one bar. Organic products have strict labelling and production requirements. It is good to check the product has been certified organic by organic control bodies such as Soil Association Certification Ltd, Organic Farmers and Growers or Organic Food Federation. This means the product is at least 95% made from organic ingredients.

Some energy bars on the market provide a boost of energy that spikes metabolism immediately and only lasts a short amount of time, leaving the consumer tired and hungry. A key ingredient in our range of bars is matcha green tea, famed for its natural dose of energy that raises metabolism over a longer period of time, without the typical effects of caffeine.  Browse our webstore for our range of delicious organic matcha bars.