Best Energy Bars UK

The best energy bars in the UK are available right here in our online store. Our bars provide a matcha green tea hit, and a natural source of energy for an active lifestyle. Whether you are hiking, swimming, spinning, doing yoga, pilates, TRX, barre or working out at the gym, our bars will provide you with the perfect on-the-go energy boost!
Our raw organic ingredients are the key to a delicious and tasty bar range. The flavours now include:

Cacao and Goji

This is our award winning one. A fruity combination of raw cacao, goji and orange. It's got a fudge like texture, almost a bit like cookie dough. Yum!
Our superfood energy bars provide more health benefits and a natural dose of energy per serving as compared to standard products on the market. Free from refined sugar, additives and nasty e-numbers, delicious at any time of the day. What's not to like?

Cacao and Almond

Our cacao and almond features a classic combination of almond, vanilla, sea salt and almond butter. 

Cacao and turmeric

We have recently introduced our brand new coconut, chocolate chip and turmeric bar. This crunchy addition will send your taste buds on a delicious sensation. The sumptuous combination of almonds, coconut and vanilla pairs perfectly with the no added sugar raw chocolate drops.

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